eating-in-the-officeEating healthy and exercising are not often at the forethought of someone in an office setting, but being more mindful of these factors can go a long way in terms of one’s health. Below are a few tips that may help even the most business-oriented individual become more aware of his or her overall health in the workplace.

Know Yourself

To begin a health journey in an office setting, the first step is understanding your daily eating habits and regular patterns. Something that may help those who mindlessly snack or eat is keeping a diary and making note of when and what you eat in a normal day. For example, it’s easy to indulge in unhealthy snacks or meals on a Friday or during a stressful day. Remember this habit and actively work to combat it.

If this is a new practice for you, do your best in understanding that eating healthy should not be seen as tortuous, but rather a journey toward bettering yourself. Always highlight the positives, whether that be weight loss, higher levels of energy, or improved skin quality.

Always Break Your Fast

It’s been said time and time again; “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and there is some truth behind that. Beginning your day with a nutritious, filling meal gives you the energy levels required to properly wake up and avoid that ever-dreaded morning slump. Your brain will be highly functioning at an hour where most people are still struggling to get out of bed, and you won’t hear the sounds of your own stomach growling until closer to lunchtime.

Fulfilling breakfasts can not only wake you up and provide abundant nutrients, but they can also improve your memory and concentration, promote weight loss, and give you an overall better mood.

Fill Your Desk with Snacks

Healthy snacks, that is. If you are only able to squeeze in a small breakfast before work hours, having healthy snacks in your desk drawer can prevent early morning hunger while also providing the nutrients your breakfast, or lack thereof, may not have been able to offer. Snacks like protein bars, peanuts or almonds, trail mix, or fruit and vegetables (so long as you have a refrigerator) are perfect fillers.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series which will include even more tips and tricks on how to effectively eat healthy in fast-paced, business settings!