NClex High Yield Podcast is a podcast about NCLEX preparation, nursing school success stories, and anything related to the nursing profession. Experienced nurses and education experts host NClex High Yield Podcast. Each episode offers free resources for nursing school success, including live Q&A sessions with successful NCLEX-RNs about studying for the exam, exam content review, and other study tips.


NClex High Yield Podcast provides its listeners with everything needed for success on the NCLEX exam. This podcast keeps one informed and prepared to take the NCLEX exam from free resources and live chats to study tips. It’s no secret that some people who take the NCLEX may encounter discomfort during the exam but don’t get discouraged if they can’t seem to master certain topics on the test. Each episode is hosted by Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy and features a team of experienced nurses who share tips on conquering the exam. This combination of an experienced host and well-trained experts gives people the resources they need for success.

A few of the topics that are covered on NClex High Yield Podcast include:

  • How to successfully study for the NCLEX exam
  • How to prepare for the NCLEX exam
  • Why many people dislike taking the NCLEX exam
  • Tips on how to effectively study for the NCLEX Exam.
  • How to use the NCLEX prep

The NClex High Yield Podcast is a great resource for anyone planning on taking the NCLEX exam and wants to become a nurse. Whether someone wants to know how to study for the exam or wants guidance, this podcast has everything a person needs to pass the test and start their nurse career.

The NCLEX exam is a hurdle that everyone must face when they become a nurse. However, this examination does not determine one’s success in the nursing field. The NClex High Yield Podcast episodes offer free resources to pass the exam, prepare for nursing school, or interview. Be sure to check out this great podcast for extra support with any aspect of becoming a nurse.