When it comes to packing a powerful protein punch, seafood is the way to go. This is especially important for those who consider themselves fitness enthusiasts. Seafood provides the right nutrients to not only prepare a fitness lover for a rigorous workout, but also help them in being able to recover faster. There are several reasons why those who hit the gym need to embrace more seafood in their diet.

Seafood is Versatile

If someone is looking for a quick and easy meal after the gym, seafood is the way to go. Salmon can be easily grilled or baked. Shrimp can easily be sautéed. There are countless more options for fish as well that can be quickly prepped. Seafood doesn’t need any added fillers or toppings. To complete a meal, all that needs to be done is a sprinkle of seasoning or a squeeze of lemon. That’s good news for those who are also trying to watch their weight.

Great for Recovery

If someone has just had a rigorous workout or done a run, seafood is the perfect aid in recovery. It will help prevent sore muscles. That’s because seafood is packed full of muscle-building protein. After hitting the gym, a person’s body craves fuel. Seafood is healthy fuel. It also contains antioxidants to fight against inflammation and is rich in vitamin D. Seafood is a one-stop shop for what a body craves after a workout.

Fish is Good For the Brain

Studies have shown that fish is great not only for helping sore muscles but also boosting brain power. Fish, such as salmon and tuna, are high in omega-3 fatty acids which not only improve brain function but also supports overall heart health. The omega-3’s have also been shown to boost mood and lower chances of depression.

A runner or any sort of fitness enthusiast can’t go wrong with incorporating fish into their diet several times a week. If a runner is in a time crunch, a quick snack such as a bag of tuna can do the trick. Fish doesn’t have to be prepared intricately in order for a fitness enthusiast to reap the benefits. That’s part of the appeal along with all of the wonders that it can do for overall health and performance.