If you were to search for the term “morning routine,” your results would likely direct you to articles written by entrepreneurs who will encourage you to adopt their exact habits — which often include sleeping very little, getting your self-care time in while everyone is still asleep, and working harder and later than your competition.

While there are some benefits to productivity-boosting habits, consistently following such a routine would leave one perpetually flirting with burnout. Therefore, it is important that you take your mornings into your own hands by crafting and maintaining a routine that works best for you.

With that in mind, let us discover the steps you must take to create a personalized morning routine.

Discover the habits that aid your body the most

As overlooked as it may be, the first step to formulating an effective morning routine is determining your body type. For simplicity’s sake, there are three major body types: ectomorphs, who are thin in frame but carry a decent amount of fat; endomorphs, who tend to carry fat disproportionately across their frames; and mesomorphs, who are generally athletic and find it easy to build muscle with little effort.

If you consider yourself an ectomorph, you would likely see the best results from pursuing a well-rounded fitness routine, which combines endurance and strength training. Furthermore, given your naturally fast metabolism, you would be wise to follow up your workouts with fiber-rich meals rather than anything particularly carb-heavy, as they will keep you satisfied through lunchtime.

If you fall under the endomorph category, your body would respond better to a calm and restorative routine. Therefore, it would be wise of you to practice meditation or yoga in the morning, then follow up your exercises with a metabolism-boosting meal that consists of eggs, avocado, or Greek yogurt.

Finally, if you consider yourself a mesomorph, you would be better off focusing on maintaining balance and connection. So, consider eating a high-protein snack before going about your normal fitness routine, then following it up with a recovery shake that packs the protein and nutrients your body needs to flourish through the remainder of your day.

Ensure your mornings are your own

Forming healthy physical habits is only half the battle. Instead, one must focus on the bigger picture in order to see and feel a real difference over time. Therefore, it is important you prioritize tasks that are significant to you — such as reading, journaling, meditation, or connecting with loved ones — rather than performing tasks that take away from your valuable morning hours.

Maintaining a consistent morning routine is one of the best methods of becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself, so do not squander this opportunity. Instead, take full advantage of this time, experiment with different exercises and meals, and prioritize yourself over the daily time crunch. You will certainly thank yourself for making such a change.